My Magnetic Messaging Review Says It’s Great

Here’s my Magnetic Messaging Review.  First, I want to give you a little back story.  I’ve been going out to clubs pretty steadily since the summer.  I know you might think that clubs aren’t the best place to meet women.  But really, this is where the women are.

Now when you meet women in clubs, you and her are both using ‘alter egos.’  You aren’t really being yourself and neither is she.

My Magnetic Messaging Review Says It's Great

My Magnetic Messaging Review Says It’s Great

That’s why sometimes you have a great time at the club but then when you text message her the next day or a few days later, she has already cooled off.  This has happened to me more times that I want to think about!

I have to admit it, this is really a major let down.  When it happens week in and week out you begin to wonder ‘Hey, is there something wrong with me?’  It’s only natural.

No one can take a steady stream of rejection.  Especially when things looked so darn promising just a few days earlier!  So I finally decided I need to do something about it.  I mean, I can’t be that bad, right?  Otherwise how could I even get their numbers in the first place?  If they thought I was a jerk or ugly, they wouldn’t even given me the number!  So I decided to search the Internet and see if other guys were having the same problem as me.  I found out a lot of them were.

So what did these guys do to fix their problem? Quite a few of them mentioned getting a ‘how to manual’ for text messaging girls called ‘Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge.’  I was a bit reluctant to get it at first but the video was convincing and I figured I really didn’t have much to lose.  In fact, I need a girlfriend!

Any ways, I got a hold of this and I really read it like I was studying for a final exam.  There were quite a few tips and I admit I was making all of the 7 deadly texting sins!  I mean all of them!  No wonder my response rate was so frigging low.  If there was a mistake that could be made, I was making it! I read up on the info, especially the Key Lock Sequence and learned all I could.

Well I implemented the tips and even copied a few texts word for word.  I couldn’t believe what happened next.  I got two dates out of three girls I tried with!  HA!  Man what a relief.  My long text messaging slump came to an end. My recommendation for any guy who is struggling turning numbers into dates, get this! You won’t be disappointed.


Staying On A Diet Is Not Easy

I have been on a ‘weight loss journey’ for over a year now.  When you have a lot of weight to lose, it takes a long time.  There’s no way around it.  After awhile, you start to have all kinds of thoughts of quitting.  I’m sure it’s the same for just about anyone.

If you’re thinking about dieting, you have to prepare yourself for this fact.  It won’t be easy.  It’s a lot easier to buy your favorite cookies and stuff your face.  if that was hard, people wouldn’t be fat.  So just start your plan knowing that you might struggle.  It’s inevitable for all of us.

I’ve been keeping my calories to around 1,500 a day.  That really is a stringent diet when you do it for a long time.  There’s no room in that regimen for extra calories.  You better be taking in a lot of your calories from vegetables.  Less dense foods won’t work.  They burn up quick and leave you wanting for more.

Pick A Diet Plan That You Can Stick With – Or Change It Up

For the first three months I did NutraSystem.  I can recommend it.  After awhile you’ll get bored as hell with the food.  This diet is very easy to stick with you and you’ll see good results.  It will also teach you what a portion size looks like.  That’s why it’s a great way to kick start weight loss.  If you don’t get bored by the food you can always stick with it.  I’ve been doing my best to keep my proteins, fats, and carbs in balance.  For my body type, this makes a huge difference.

When I eat enough fat and protein, I’m not constantly hungry.  That’s the worst part of being fat.  Not only are you heavy and always eating, but you’re never filled up!  There’s nothing more ridiculous than an obese person saying “I’m starving” but they feel like they are.

It’s inevitable that you’ll get bored with eating a certain way.  Just switch things up.  Maintain the basics of the diet plan you’re on, but don’t be afraid to mix things up.  A calorie is a calorie.  Just pay close attention to what you’re eating and keep a journal of it all.  Write it all down, no matter what!

As they say, if I can lose weight, so can you.  Just stay motivated and things will work out great for you in the end!


My Weight Loss Tips And Tricks

Weight Loss Is All About Eating a Balance Diet

Balancing proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in your diet

Since decades there has been a debate going on amongst experts as to what constitutes a balanced diet. Some encourage higher intake of proteins, while some promote a higher intake of carbohydrates.

In the recent years, most dieticians agree on one viewpoint . a balanced diet that results in weight loss should be low in fat, and moderate in both carbohydrates and proteins. Besides carbohydrates, proteins and fat, vitamins and minerals should be an integral part of your diet.

High protein diets have been proved to be ineffective. Similar is the case with high carbohydrates. One point to note is that saturated fats and refined carbohydrates should be completely avoided. Saturated fats result in a higher insulin level in the body, thus increasing hunger cravings for fatty food and subsequently deposition of  more fat. Higher insulin levels also increase cholesterol and with it the risk of susceptibility to heart diseases. However, our body does need certain fats to function well.

Likewise, higher intake of protein does not help your body in the long run. Although, high protein is known to promote rapid weight loss, it has a whole lot of side effects as well.

High protein diets saw an immense gain in popularity, especially in the last two decades. Most diet plans substituted large amounts of fats and carbohydrates with proteins to assist in a hurried weight loss. However, various studies and  research that came about subsequently showed definite flaws in such diets. High level of protein was proved to be a major factor for heart attacks and other diseases.

Another misconception that most people have is that only meat is a source of protein. Eggs as well as many of the vegetarian foods also serve as a great source  of proteins. For instance, two eggs daily may be all the protein that your body needs. Ideally, you would not want to consume more than that.

Some of the popular diet plans still bank on the ability of a higher intake of proteins to induce rapid weight loss. Nonetheless, such plans have had few takers in recent years.